Jaret Martino Productions (JMP) is an original content and third party production company, designed for the 21st century's changed media landscape. 


Focused on raising awareness for subjects deserving attention. Specializes in the development,

production, marketing and distribution of talent-driven films, television, and digital media content. JMP’s award winning films have been seen throughout the world in festivals and streaming platforms.

Jaret is proud to introduce his new partnership at Love Wins Productions.  With a mission to find freedom, joy, connection and love.  Now in development are two narrative Feature Films, World's Apart and Mrs. Santa!



As an artist, I create projects that make a difference in the world and shed light on subject matters deserving of more attention from society and the filmmaking community. In particular, I am compelled to tell stories where women are the heroes who save themselves.  Donna is an empowering  film about the journey of a woman finding her voice. Women often must fight for social and economic equality. This was my mother's reality and the inspiration of "Donna". - Jaret Martino