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"A voice to be heard."

We believe the art of storytelling is as necessary to humans as breathing. Filmmaking, one of the most treasured art forms of the twenty-first century, has the potential to shine light and shadow on the wonders and complexities of the human experience.  Art is an idea at inception and, like a seed, has the potential to become a flower or tree with proper care and resources. We continue to nurture the development of our story into a beautiful screenplay; but filmmaking is as much a business venture as an art. Therefore, "seed capital" is a necessary resource to allow our artistic endeavor to grow into a cinematic event. 


We invite you to join our Stronger Than Pretty family and share in the joy of developing our feature film by investing whatever financial assistance you can. Support us with your donation or contact us if you would like to join our investors.  For further details and proof of concept film please reach out via our contact page. We are grateful for your support.

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